Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Riverside Senior Village Blood Pressure Clinic  
Washington County Public Health (WCPH)

WCPH is committed to protecting and promoting the health of residents of Washington County. Public Health affects everyone who drinks public drinking water, eats in a restaurant, buys milk, has an elderly relative who needs home care, needs emergency medical services, wants to avoid getting sick from an infectious disease, or is concerned about preparedness for natural or intentional disasters.

A few of the profound changes that our department has helped to bring about include: vaccinations, safer work places, safer and healthier food, vehicle safety, control of infectious diseases, advances in treatment and prevention of heart disease and stroke, family planning, the decrease in tobacco use, better care for mothers and babies and the fluoridation of drinking water. Please take a look at this site to understand how Washington County Public Health can serve you.

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Medical Social Worker
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Parent Educator
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