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Washington County Public Health

To protect, nurture and advance the health of our communities

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Promote - Protect - Prevent - Respect - Partner

Washington County Public Health

Devoted to assuring effective resources for the health of our communities.

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If you are interested in a COVID-19 vaccination, please contact our office directly at 319-653-7758 to be scheduled into one of our regular clinics. 

WCPH is committed to protecting and promoting the health of residents of Washington County

Public Health affects everyone who drinks public drinking water, eats in a restaurant, buys milk, has an elderly relative who needs home care, needs emergency medical services, wants to avoid getting sick from an infectious disease, or is concerned about preparedness for natural or intentional disasters.

A few of the profound changes that our department has helped to bring about include: vaccinations, safer work places, safer and healthier food, vehicle safety, control of infectious diseases, advances in treatment and prevention of heart disease and stroke, family planning, the decrease in tobacco use, better care for mothers and babies and the fluoridation of drinking water. Please take a look at this site to understand how Washington County Public Health can serve you.


For the latest news and reports about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), visit our news article.


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Child Health

Public health promotes the health of Washington county children, youth and adolescents by providing health care services through collaborative efforts. 

The Family Connection

The Family Connection offers personal visits, free of charge, to any family residing in Washington County with children from conception through the age of 48 months. 


Immunizations have the potential to protect the health of families, friends, and communities.  Vaccines are available for children, adolescents, and adults.

Community Health

Washington County Public Health collaborates with a number of organizations on multiple community health endeavors: overall wellness endeavors, access to mental health services, mobile food pantries, blood pressure clinics and multiple community outreach events.

Maternal Health

Maternal health services provide preventive health services to women.  These services ensure early and adequate prenatal care, early identification of risk factors, promotion of health lifestyle choices and resource/referral.

Home Care

Home Care is both the oldest and newest form of health care.  It is the most cost effective and satisfying type of health care service available to preserve the family unit and keep you or your loved one at home as long as possible.

1st Five

The 1st Five Healthy Mental Development Initiative builds partnerships between physician practices and public service providers to enhance high quality well-child care. 

Dental Services

I-Smile is a statewide initiative to help keep kids healthy. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all children have a dental home. I-Smile can help link you and your family to dental care.

Emergency Preparedness

WCPH collaborates with State and Local partners to protect citizens in Washington County and increase our ability to respond to bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies.

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